Adjusting your child’s focus to the power and wonder of photography!

Thursday 8th July 2021

With the days getting shorter, wetter and colder, finding activities to entertain the children is becoming more and more difficult.

So why not consider using your Yeoken’s towards a unique 4-week online course designed by Cultivating Wonder, one of our Yeoken brand partners, that combines photography and mindfulness for children aged 5-9 and 10-16 to keep their minds busy away from their game consoles and indulged outside in the real world.

Jonathan, the founder of Cultivating Wonder and portrait photographer, was inspired during a walk with a friend and her children in Devon, when they began asking a lot of questions about photography and creativity. That conversation motivated him, and during the first lockdown he launched this innovative photography course directly aimed at children.

The course covers:

  • The basics of portraiture
  • Learn about colour
  • An introduction of the power of lighting
  • Look at movement and how to photograph it
  • Learn how to tell stories through photograph
  • Take a look back at the history of photography.

One of our Yeo Valley Mum’s, who has purchased the course, said “We really enjoyed setting aside time to prioritise creativity together in nature and creating memories. I feel I understand my children better – I have some fresh insights into their passions and talents.”

The course offers a unique opportunity for parents and children to see the world in a new light using the lens through a child’s eyes that encourages their sense of wonder, creativity, and joy.

Another mum revealed, “My daughter (aged 6), has grown in confidence as a visual story-teller, framing beautiful photographs of nature and growing in confidence in sharing her work.” Offering the opportunity to a child, especially one of who might struggle with shyness, an outlet to build confidence to learn a new skill and take ownership of their work.

Theo (aged 8) said “I enjoyed the portraits photography activity the most, looking at the world more closely and from different angles, for example a tree seeing the wonderful things it can do.”

It has been designed for every child who needs a touch of inspiration, and don’t worry you don’t need any fancy equipment, all that’s required is a camera phone. Cultivating Wonder’s contains 4 weeks of content that can be completed in your own time; including films, an interactive weekly group webinar, beautiful worksheets, a wonderful learning community through Facebook, with the option of personal feedback on all photos taken and 1-1 mentoring for an additional charge.

The cost is £49, but for only 10 Yeoken’s you can redeem a £10 off voucher and receive lifetime access!

Click here for the aged 5-9 course and here for the 10-16 course.

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