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Meet Student Placement Naomi

Monday 11th July 2022

There are lots of people at Yeo Valley Organic working hard to bring you your very tasty favourite products, the best recipes and some spectacular Yeokens prizes.

One member of the team is Naomi Harris who has been working at Yeo Valley Organic for one-year as part of her student placement within the communications team. We spoke to her about how she came to work at Yeo and her favourite parts of the job…

Naomi, our Student Placement

“I’ve worked at Yeo for just over a year now, having started my student placement back in July 2021. I’m loving working here – no two days are the same! My placement is within the digital part of the communications team, supporting mainly on website and emails. But this involves everything from writing recipes to contacting our competition winners. It means I’ve had the opportunity to learn lots of new skills and explore different areas of the business.

“Even though no two days are the same, most of my mornings start on emails. Whether that be arranging the delivery of our competition prizes or working on upcoming emails. My mailbox is a big part of my morning. I usually like to block out time in the afternoon for more creative tasks, like writing or building a new webpage, I find that this is when I’m my most creative.

“My favourite part of the job is getting down to the farm. We’re really lucky that Yeo Valley HQ is based in the valley so visiting the farm to interview people and create features is easy. You can actually see the farm from the windows of our office!

“One thing I didn’t know before I came to Yeo Valley is how friendly cows actually are. Whenever you’re out in the fields they come over to say hello and have a little nosey at what you’re doing!

“With so much of my university experience affected by the covid pandemic, I knew I wanted to take the opportunity to have a year out and gain some practical work experience. At university I study Global Sustainable Development, so I knew that I wanted to do a placement year with a company that is as passionate about the environment, just as I am. I also want to pursue a career in marketing after university, so I was looking for work experience in this area specifically. Yeo Valley Organic was a perfect match – allowing me to combine my interests in marketing with sustainability!

“Something that’s really surprised me while working at Yeo is how little I knew about organic. All I knew was that organic was deemed as better for the planet, but I hadn’t made the connections between soil and carbon and how important soil is to our existence on earth. I’ve actually found it really interesting to learn more about organic farming and how it can be used as a tool to fight climate change. I’m excited to bring this knowledge back to my final year studies!

“My favourite Yeo Valley product has to be our yogurts – a classic! My favourite flavour is probably our Mango and Vanilla yogurt it’s just so tasty and refreshing. But if I had to take our products anywhere in the world with me, I’d love to take our Mint Choc Chip ice cream interrailing with me this summer.”

Good luck Naomi from everyone at Yeo. Enjoy your travels and don’t take ice-cream on that train trip – not recommended!

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