Our Winners!

Win an Outdoorsy Break to the Lakes

*Fiona MacLeod, Isle of Skye

Win Swanky Brabantia Kit

  • Neil Smith, Tunbridge Wells
  • Alfreda Emery, Essex

Win 1 of 3 Beautiful Bouquets

  • Audrey Jones, Hertfordshire
  • Caroline Gatfield, London
  • Laura Spring, Cambridge

Win a MINI and a Great British Road Trip

  • Jill Blackburn, Leicestershire

Win a copy of The Extra Mile Guide

  • David Mansfield, Royston
  • Patris Radmand, Brighton
  • Kirsty Henwood, Essex
  • Alison Coventry, Somerset
  • Tim Orr, Gwent
  • Bethany Hampson, Huddersfield
  • John Boothby, WarringtonAdrienne
  • Brown, Derbyshire
  • Charlotte MacAulay-Collins, Worcestershire
  • Ann Roberts, Colwyn Bay
  • Alex Watts, Nottingham
  • Sumia Begum, Birmingham
  • Lee Northcut, Bury St. Edmunds
  • Michael Weatherhead, Brighton
  • Alma Piermattei, Cambridge
  • Kate Crummay, Hull
  • Connor Forey, Surrey
  • Mariana Pacifico, London
  • Lou Chaud, Leeds
  • Jane Dingley, Lymington
  • Elsie Harris, Christchurch
  • Patricia Unicombe, West Sussex
  • Mart Jones, Oxfordshire
  • Shirley Pinder, Melrose
  • Anne Clark, Yateley
  • Simona Tassi Lawry, London
  • Rosemary Kozakiewicz, Cheshire
  • Laura Lyford, Oxon
  • Katherine Eagle, Suffolk
  • Roger McGrory, Coventry
  • Anne Nunn, Hertfordshire
  • Jean Ogilvie, Buckinghamshire
  • Pam Glover, Essex
  • Linda Snell, Plymouth
  • Samantha Barlow, Chippenham
  • Leo Failoni, Belfast
  • Chris Douglas, Gloucestershire
  • Margaret Curtis, Berkshire
  • Helen Laws, Norfolk
  • Penny Allwright, Somerset

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