Double Cream

Double Cream
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Simply delicious and just makes you want more

By Andrew Mccrimmon - Healthy foodie / Keen cook / Sweet tooth
September 18, 2017


Lovely and delicious :)
The only one I’ll buy.

By Alessandra - Fitness fiend / Healthy foodie / Keen cook
October 28, 2016


Lovely product!

By Daisy - Baking fiend / Fitness fiend / Healthy foodie / Keen cook / Nature lover
June 18, 2016


This tastes much better than other organic double creams that I’ve tried. Very distinctive taste and great with frozen berries! I’d always choose Yeo Valley over the other brands that are available locally (and I’ve taste tested them all!)

By Rachel - Healthy foodie / Keen cook
November 10, 2015