Yeo Valley Organic Little Yeos yogurt with Timmy Time

Fruity Favourites

These bigger pots are a match for bigger children’s appetites. Simply our creamy yogurt, some puréed fruit (real organic strawberry, raspberry, apricot or peach) and a bit of organic sugar for a little extra sweetness.

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Customer Reviews


I was really disgusted to see that these contain totally unnecessary added sugar – why for goodness sake?! My son was used to (and enjoyed) the mini lots of six yoghurts which contain no added sugar then you sneak it into the slightly larger size?

Stacey Sheargold
Outdoorsy sort, Parent with tots, Baking fiend, Healthy foodie, Keen cook, Nature lover

Is it not possible to just sell the no added sugar weaning size yoghurt in this size of pot? Would much prefer these to be sweetened just by fruit not refined sugar. Just to say I love your products just a little frustrated that the kids yoghurts have added sugar, albeit slightly less per 100g than other similar options. Thanks

Penny Gowler
Healthy foodie, Parent with tots

I recently bought Yeo yoghurt with honey, but could not taste any honey. Very disappointing. It was the first time I had bought Yeo yoghurt and it will be the last. Lidl do fabulous yoghurt with honey.

Keen cook

Please bring out a fruity yoghurt with no added sugar. I don’t understand why you can make a fromage frais without sugar but not a yoghurt. These seem to contain as much sugar as adult yoghurts too.

Healthy foodie, Keen cook, Nature lover, Outdoorsy sort, Parent with tots

Please please please could you make a yogurt without sugar!

Outdoorsy sort, Parent with tots


Mag Basson
Fitness fiend, Healthy foodie, Keen cook, Nature lover, Outdoorsy sort, Sweet tooth, Baking fiend

I have just had confirmation from an employee of Yeo Valley that EACH POT of Little Yeos contains roughly 4.5g of added sugar! Parents beware!

Parent with tots


Outdoorsy sort

These are by far the weirdest tasting yoghurts I have ever tried.

My daughter immediately declared her dislike for them, which i dismissed as her being fussy – then I tried them and had to agree.

They are very sour and not at all pleasant. I am used to a sugar free diet so It is not because I have a sweet tooth. There is just something abut them that make them that is not quite right.

It also doesn’t help that you cannot ‘snap’ the pots apart!

Lara Hughes
Parent with tots

I love them and so does my 8-9yo

Samantha Moore
Baking fiend

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