Yeo Valley Organic Little Yeos yogurt with Timmy Time

Fruity Favourites

These bigger pots are a match for bigger children’s appetites. Simply our creamy yogurt, some puréed fruit (real organic strawberry, raspberry, apricot or peach) and a bit of organic sugar for a little extra sweetness.

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Customer Reviews


Wish there was more like blackberry too and banana and honey or lime

Andrew Williams
Healthy foodie, Parent with tots, Sweet tooth

My kids love the larger Timmy yoghurts, however they are gutted that the packing has changed and the lids no longer have characters on them. Part of the fun was choosing (and arguing) about which one to have!

Healthy foodie, Parent with tots, Sweet tooth

Frequently goes mouldy before the use by date. Have to check each time I open one. Shame as my daughter loves them but we end up chucking a few. We buy from asda.

Louisa walker
Healthy foodie, Parent with tots, Sweet tooth

great for adults too, as they’re a smaller size and I’m able to enjoy a different fruity taste every day

Nature lover


Sridhar Endreddy
Sweet tooth

Very tasty. Good for adults too. I buy this if I fancy for a fruity yogurt. Love it as it is organic!
Also perfect choice who doesn’t like bits in their yogurt.

Agnes Scrimshaw
Nature lover, Baking fiend, Healthy foodie, Keen cook

Looks grear

Andrew Gibb
Nature lover, Outdoorsy sort

Delicious as a little snack to keep their spirits up.

Irene Fortune
Nature lover, Parent with tots

These yogurts are perfect for the little ones, they love them and they are good for them too!

Pamela Denny
Outdoorsy sort, Parent with tots, Healthy foodie, Nature lover

I don’t understand why you have discontinued the larger yogurt pots without sugar and only have a toddler size one with added sugar!!! If you can do the smaller formarge frais without then the yogurts shouldn’t be an issue – I’m sure they would sell..I’m looking for alternatives now.

Ayse Mehmet
Parent with tots

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