1L Semi-Skimmed Milk Carton

Still the Fresh Organic Milk you know and love, but now available in a 1L carton, which is fully recyclable and made with 70% less plastic than our previous 1L bottle.

The carton is made only of 100% renewable plant-based materials; FSC natural brown board and plant-based cap, helping us to reduce the carbon footprint of our packaging.

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Customer Reviews


Liquid (milk) is ok and I think is one of the best of the market but the package is really bad. I bought to boxes and I packed them with my other groceries and the milk completely spilled. I lost my milk and some other things I bought. The carton is weak and doesn’t hold any pressure as a regular plastic bottle would do

Laura Quintero
Fitness fiend, Healthy foodie, Keen cook, Parent with tots

Great packaging but no yeokens 🙁

Kirsty Bremner
Nature lover

A bit expensive compared to other brands and you don’t have yeo tokens.

Nature lover, Healthy foodie

Love the cartoned Yeo Organic Milk.But cannot bank Yeokens..Why?

John Miller
Healthy foodie

I always buy Yeo Valley semi and skimmed milk, but where are the yeokens on these cartons? I can’t find any.
I raised this when the cartons were first introduced and was informed it was being looked at.

Saph Woroch
Healthy foodie

Penalising consumers for choosing more sustainable packaging by not giving yeokens is not encouraging. Encourage customers by giving more yeokens on planet friendly packaging.

Nature lover

My partner bought this product. Seemed fine and good to see non plastic packaging. However no Yeokens from it

Nature lover

Milk Ok but no Yeotokens -what a shame!

Outdoorsy sort

Such a shame no tokens on the cardboard milk cartons-do we need to use plastic milk bottles!!!!!!

On Earth day this is so sad.

Outdoorsy sort

Searched everywhere for the yeokens, but could not find any.

Paul Turley
Healthy foodie

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