1L Whole Milk Carton

Our creamiest milk just got a makeover! It’s the same great tasting Fresh Organic Milk, but now available in a 1L carton, that is fully recyclable and made with 70% less plastic than our previous 1L bottle.

The carton is made only of 100% renewable plant-based materials; FSC natural brown board and plant-based cap, helping us to reduce the carbon footprint of our packaging.

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Customer Reviews


Can really taste the quality in the milk

Ann E Wardell

Love the milk. Like the new packaging. But why still no yeokens to be found anywhere on the carton? Not well thought out at all and rather frustrating,

Keen cook

Thank You for your activities with natural products!

Mirela Anghelescu
Parent with tots, Healthy foodie, Keen cook, Nature lover

Where are the Yeokens? I won’t be able to complete my 500 bonus target, though I approve of the packaging.

Jasmine Grassie
Healthy foodie, Nature lover

spent time writing a detailed review and it was not published, do you only publish complementary/snappy reviews. please find and publish my review from a few days ago….

clive lipper
Healthy foodie, Nature lover

great idea but poor execution. Products fine but completely confusing recycling, its mainly plant based but cant be composted? and cant go in paper recycling without checking with council. Weblinks to ace and tetrapack confuse matters further. It is not a tetrapack – they contain foil/plastic so why confuse even more. No yeokons had wound people up obviously by comments.(understand this is prob tech difficulties)

Healthy foodie, Nature lover

Rather pricey… and I can’t find the yeokens code to scan anywhere🤔

Astrid Beenken
Healthy foodie, Nature lover

Very nice milk but there doesn’t seem to be any tokens with it as there is no code and scanning the square just leads you to this site

Mal McQuillan McQuillan
Healthy foodie

Nowt wrong with this milk or the new packaging. A wee bit more pricey hence 4*

Clive Smith
Nature lover, Outdoorsy sort, Baking fiend, Healthy foodie

why are there no yeokens? The new carton is slightly taller than the former plastic bottle and doesn’t fit as well into my refrigerator.

William Prast
Keen cook

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