Yeo Valley Organic Fruity Favourites yogurt

Fruity Favourites

You could play yogurt roulette with this four pack, each fruity pot is just as delicious as the next! Strawberry, raspberry, peach & apricot or blackcurrant, everyone’s a winner!

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Customer Reviews


Discovered that this yoghurt now weighs less , is that really necessary? Why not just increase cost by 10p…… annoying to say the least…. also there is a design fault on the plastic pots…..when separated, leaves very sharp exposed edges….sliced my finger open one day, meant to show pics but thought better of it…… still love the yoghurt tho…..


Yogurt is delicious but when I break or cut the individual pots apart it leaves a very sharp piece of plastic which is quite dangerous and could cause a nasty cut. Please improve your packaging.

Jenny Huelin

I see these are reducing in size from 4x120g to 4x110g and my milkman is putting up the price by 25% which unfortunately means the milkman will not get my custom any more. Back to the supermarket for the big pots now.


Tastes good nice texture, although the packaging could be better, always manages to break into a sharp edge when splitting the pairs.


I enjoyed these yoghurts but I think your plastic container need redesigning as when you split the pack in two it leaves a very sharp rigid edge on each container edge that is a safety hazard for both adults and children by cutting ones hands or fingers.

Healthy foodie

These fruity favourites taste delicious. There are not enough flavours.

Shakira Patel
Healthy foodie, Nature lover

We love the yoghurts, but none of our local shops or supermarkets sell these little pots any more. I also agree that the plastic pots leave viciously sharp edges when separated – several times I have cut my finger while washing them out.

Colin Hicks
Outdoorsy sort

Make it clearer which friendly bacteria are present please

Outdoorsy sort

As has been mentioned, these pots seem very sharp when seperated

Deborah Buscombe
Baking fiend, Nature lover, Sweet tooth

Why is the Blackcurrant Yogurt not available on its own or in larger pots?

Mike Wright
Fitness fiend, Healthy foodie, Nature lover

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