Yeo Valley Organic Natural Yogurt

Organic Natural Yogurt

This is the original, the one we’ve been making since, ooh, forever. From breakfast to bedtime, with compotes or curries, it’s something of a fridge stalwart – always waiting to greet us with a cheery welcome when we open the door.

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Customer Reviews


Yeo Vally Natural Yoghurt is just right. Creamy, yet not too fatty. Probiotic, too. The only one for me.

Nature lover, Baking fiend, Fitness fiend, Healthy foodie, Keen cook

We use it with many sweets where we used to have custard.

Outdoorsy sort, Sweet tooth

I make my own yoghurt using this one as my starter…it is the best one,and I have tried many others. I also like the taste of this yoghurt.

Lucy Caithness
Outdoorsy sort, Sweet tooth

I am a strong believer in supporting local industry and love this yougurt but why has it become so much thinner. Sadly I’m considering an alternative organic for my breakfast.

Outdoorsy sort, Sweet tooth

Fantastic taste… I love this yoghurt!

Susan Dove
Healthy foodie, Nature lover, Outdoorsy sort

This is the tastiest, creamiest, thickest most wonderful natural yoghurt Ive ever tasted. Ive tried cheaper alternatives but nothing compares!

Helen Simcock-Anthony
Outdoorsy sort

4 x 100g have very sharp edges one split.

Angela Harvey
Nature lover


Ala eddine Aliouche
Baking fiend

Great 👍

Ben Sandeman
Outdoorsy sort, Healthy foodie, Nature lover

I love your original Natural yogurt and, for convenience, buy it in the 4 x 100g pots. However, these pots are so sharp when split up. I know there is a warning in small letters on the sleeve but who reads everything on the packaging? There should not be any need for a warning, the pots should be safe to handle. Please could your packaging supplier get this issue sorted out? The problem goes against your healthy, wholesome image.

Angela Hughes
Nature lover

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