We make our organic spreadable with 100% British milk, a pinch of salt and a bit of organic rapeseed oil – it’s spreadable straight from the fridge.

Suitable for freezing.


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Customer Reviews


Used to love this but ingredients have been tinkered with and whilst entirely spreadable it has come at a cost both in taste and loss of it’s ability to allow additional toppings to bind / adhere with it such as marmite or jam – both of which stick more to the knife than the ‘buttered’ bread, toast or crumpet – ripping the surface and tearing the bread. A real shame as we’ll likely revert to a non-organic competitor after 5 or more years using this. :o(

Jamie Gardiner
Healthy foodie, Keen cook

Downgraded my review from a few days ago. The old product was spreadable butter. This just spreads. Sorry, understand you are trying to balance costs but it’s not butter

Susan Thompson
Healthy foodie, Keen cook

Only a low 3 from me I’m afraid. Have you changed the product? My current one just bought doesn’t taste of butter really & lists only 50% butter. & the texture is very oily even straight from the fridge. It’s a buy no more from me I’m afraid.

Sue Thompson
Keen cook

I love the fact that it is organic, but we’ve tasted better spreads and I don’t like the very soft consistency. Whilst we love Yeo Valley products, this one was not a big hit with our family.

Healthy foodie, Keen cook, Nature lover, Parent with tots

Not a big fan of the changes that have been made, Used to love this butter – now a greasy pale imitation, No longer prepared to pay grossly inflated price – went up by £1 a tub at Ocado – for a now inferior product, Such a shame as we really did like the original yeo which was rich and creamy and would happily have paid a bit more for,

Keen cook

Absolutely lovely product. All my family loves Yeo valley ❤️

Silviya Apostolova
Fitness fiend

This used to be a wonderful product that I would have given 5* to. Now you have replaced the sunflower oil for rapeseed oil you have completely messed up the taste and the USP of the product. I am so disappointed as we spent years trying to find a good spread and were really happy with this one. We won’t be buying again. Please reconsider this change.

Fitness fiend

This is the creamiest spreadable butter I have ever tasted, it is delicious!

Pat Dear
Baking fiend, Keen cook, Nature lover, Outdoorsy sort

I wanted my review to show so have given 5 but would have given lower due to the packaging change! I have always liked this butter however I always hate seeing “new improved recipe” on packaging! The butter is now paler I guess due to sunflower oil rather than rapeseed oil being used however it’s still a nice spreadable butter although we think it doesn’t have quite such a buttery taste. But my main concern is why has the recyclable foil lid been replaced with a non recyclable lid? Not happy at all with this change!

Lesley Bugden
Baking fiend, Keen cook, Nature lover, Outdoorsy sort

“Delicious new recipe!”
Actually means less butter and more rapeseed oil resulting in a pale and oily spread
Such a shame that you feel it necessary to play these penny pinching games – Brexit union pendant doesn’t do much for your reputation either
I’ll be looking for an alternative.

Brian Jones
Baking fiend, Keen cook, Nature lover, Outdoorsy sort

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