Organic Fat Free Crème Fraîche

The only fat-free crème fraîche on the market, our 0% is the perfect alternative to cream for cooking or dolloping over fruit for a wonderful dessert. Healthier deliciousness with every spoonful!

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Customer Reviews


I am afraid I really don’t like this creme fraiche – it is more like natural yoghurt – and if I wan t yoghurt I would rather buy Yeo Valley yoghurt.

Jo Suter
Keen cook, Nature lover, Outdoorsy sort

I have used full fat creme fraich in a Delia smoked haddock recipe with great success for past two / three years — now for no reason it curdles ! Why ?.
I love Creme Freche

Kay Dorey
Keen cook

A lovely creamy product despite it being 0% fat. Used it cold and in hot dishes to with great success. Highly recommend.

Alexandra Dewar
Healthy foodie, Keen cook, Nature lover, Parent with tots

I was very excited to see a 0% fat creme fraiche in my local supermarket. However when I used it in my salmon and dill pasta it curdled and completely ruined the dish. I am extremely disappointed and I would advise others to use it with cold dishes rather than for cooking.

Hannah Sheikh
Keen cook

I cooked my Beef Stroganoff using Yeo Valley 0% creme fraiche instead of my usual supermarket creme fraiche. It wasn’t creamy despite adding more than usual and the whole dish looked curdled. I will not use this again.

Elizabeth Berry
Parent with tots

This is one of those “breakthrough” products – I did not believe it was 0% fat when I first had it. Really, really nice taste. Would appreciate some cooking tips, especially noting one of early comments – dos and don’ts would be appreciated. Eg can it be used to make sauces and can it be reheated? But no matter if not: as an accompaniment, it cannot be beaten.

Sweet tooth, Healthy foodie, Nature lover

Absolutely love this 0% fat Créme Fraiche, the most useful thing that have appeared on the foodmarket for ages. Thanka YeoValley

Kikkan MacLennan
Baking fiend, Fitness fiend, Healthy foodie, Keen cook, Sweet tooth

This is a wonderful product especially for those watching their weight. You get the necessary goodness your body needs but without the fat and – best of all – it tastes just as good. You can make a really great Eton Mess with this, a crushed up meringue nest and some berries – try it!

Nature lover

You can’t even tell its 0%… Tastes lovely! i have tried other brands & nothing compares to this. Great to cook with it.

Claire Coveney
Healthy foodie, Parent with tots

Brilliant! I can have delicious creme fraiche again, even though I’m following a Slimming World plan. It’s delicious and I’ll be trying a lot of fruity recipes especially to enjoy it. I have lost 3 stones with the help of fat free products, especially from Yeo Valley!

Anne Headdon
Healthy foodie, Nature lover, Sweet tooth

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