0% Fat Creme Fraiche

0% Fat Creme Fraiche
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Perfect for everyone on Slimmers World. Sweet, savoury, lunch, dinner and – the best – alternative to fromage frail, yoghurt etc.

Please can you retail one more than 200g!
I’ve recommended this product to my SW Group and everyone jumped at it! “Where can I buy 0% at free, which make is it?” Etc.

Superb offering. Keep up the great work. More fat free options of your product range please. Thank you.

By MB - Healthy foodie / Keen cook / Nature lover / Outdoorsy sort
July 17, 2017


I love this. I can now enjoy cooking and eating my favourite creamy meals guilt free. Life changing!

By Nicola Irving - Baking fiend / Healthy foodie / Keen cook
March 9, 2017


I am afraid I really don’t like this creme fraiche – it is more like natural yoghurt – and if I wan t yoghurt I would rather buy Yeo Valley yoghurt.

By Jo Suter - Keen cook / Nature lover / Outdoorsy sort
December 30, 2016


I have used full fat creme fraich in a Delia smoked haddock recipe with great success for past two / three years — now for no reason it curdles ! Why ?.
I love Creme Freche

By Kay Dorey - Keen cook
May 5, 2016