Organic Drinking Kefir Natural

Love your gut!
This ancient way of fermenting yogurt has been around for ages – it’s filled with 14 different live cultures to keep your gut bacteria nice and happy and diverse. This one’s creamy, tangy and perfect for when you’re on the go.

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Customer Reviews


Amazing drink

Healthy foodie, Nature lover

Nice and we all know it’s good for the body, but it would be nice to see a low or zero fat offering as well as the full fat variety. Also, with zero tokens its not very good when it comes to increasing your Yeokens account.

Nicholas Bukorovic
Healthy foodie

Bought the cherry one over the one offered by another brand as I love Yeo Valley and collect yeokens – sad to find no Yeokens on this product 🙁 Kefir is tasty and tangy.

Lucy Cambridge
Fitness fiend, Healthy foodie, Keen cook, Nature lover, Outdoorsy sort, Baking fiend

Not as thick as others I have tried but that wouldn’t stop me liking it. No mention of B12 plus
no yeokens sadly.

Nature lover

Absolutely love this kefir and the reasonable price too. Am also very disappointed that there are no Yeokens available on this product as I’m getting through quite a lot of it!

Victoria Barley
Fitness fiend, Healthy foodie, Nature lover, Outdoorsy sort

wot no yeokens!
Tastes OK

Patricia Boult
Fitness fiend, Healthy foodie, Nature lover, Outdoorsy sort

Delicious, although we like the pot kefir even better.
I go through 3 bottles/ week.
Very disappointed to find no Yeokens on this product!

Madalina Chelu
Healthy foodie, Outdoorsy sort, Parent with tots

Not convinced on taste. Why no Yeokens? How can I claim the 50 bonus Yeokens for buying Kefir?

Helen Spittal
Keen cook, Healthy foodie

No Yeokens on the Kevir bottle?!?

Sinead Dowling
Healthy foodie

Great product but no Yeokens!?

dennis brown
Healthy foodie

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