Crème Fraîche

Crème Fraîche
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I agree with above comment. I like your products, but creme fraiche- I buy full fat version from other company. Pity

By Aggie Korde - Outdoorsy sort
October 23, 2017


Full fat creme fraiche please!! We choose to eat as naturally as possible and therefore don’t eat reduced fat/diet/light products. The one thing lacking from your range is full fat creme fraiche, which means I have to buy other brands rather than Yeo Valley!

By Caroline Gill - Baking fiend / Healthy foodie / Keen cook / Nature lover / Outdoorsy sort
September 19, 2017


Most people prefer cream with their strawberries but I prefer lovely Yeo Creme Fraiche with my Mendip Strawberries. Happy summer to all! John Booth

By John Booth - Healthy foodie / Keen cook
September 18, 2017


Just made the most delicious Chicken and asparagus in creamy sauce with Yeo Valley Crème Faraîche. You really wouldn’t tell it’s Half Fat. It’s good for me as I’m aiming to be half fat myself.

By Ieva - Healthy foodie / Nature lover
July 17, 2017