Crème Fraîche

Crème Fraîche
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No problem with the low fat versions of your products but it’s a pity that you don’t offer the full fat version as well. One of the reasons why I buy organic [and more expensive] it’s because I want the real thing. Although it’s not a mainstream knowledge, fat is not our enemy but sugar and fillers are.

By Alessandra - Fitness fiend / Healthy foodie / Keen cook
October 28, 2016


need full fat creme fraiche, its a healthier option with fats that that the body can digest better. works better in recipes too!
backed up by some research too..

By mai - Healthy foodie / Nature lover
October 28, 2016


Well it’s creamy like nice thick yoghurt (such as Total Greek 10% fat yoghurt – made with added cream), but definitely not like full-fat creme fraiche, which is even creamer. The French Isigny one is sumptuous. I prefer a little of the full-fat version, but happy to eat a tangier half-fat Yeo Valley one with hot apple pie.

By Alice Saville - Nature lover
October 28, 2016


Please! Is there any news on the arrival of full fat creme fraiche?! The low fat versions don’t hold together in sauces! Also we want to eat as naturally as possible so full fat versions are the option we choose!

By Caroline Gill - Healthy foodie / Keen cook / Outdoorsy sort
September 1, 2016