Creme Fraiche

We’re very at home with crème fraîche – it’s cream with some friendly bacteria introduced to it, similar to how we make our yogurt. It has only half the fat that a crème fraîche would ordinarily have, but you’d never know! So go on and have another dollop!

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Best lower fat one I’ve tried, great on hot puddings like crumble or pies

Gill Godden
Keen cook

Superb organic product at the same price as many non-organic products that comes in the same size. I always buy only this one when cooking my veggie recipes.

Healthy foodie


Gordon Duncan
Sweet tooth

My favourite creme fraiche, always a pot in our fridge, nice and thick consistency, rich and creamy.

Keen cook

i am vegetairan and have been for 37 years
your creme frachie make my life at with home cooking so much taster and is the best c f that i have found and used to make my yummy garlic, spinich ,
white wine and parersan cheese sourc ther is
thank you and happy cooking
ps i love italian food !!!!!
hope i get to go x
thank you Amanda

Amanda Samane Blackham
Baking fiend, Fitness fiend, Healthy foodie, Keen cook, Nature lover, Outdoorsy sort

Yeo Valley half fat creme fraise is simply delicious on fresh fruit and lots of other things including jelly, ice cream, yoghurt, cereal and I also use to make cakes and scones.

Christine Evans
Baking fiend, Healthy foodie, Nature lover

The best crème fraiche on the market, you wouldn’t know it was half the fat and being organic is a very purse friendly bonus.

Vicky Royle
Fitness fiend, Healthy foodie, Keen cook

I think this is ‘the most difficult to replace’ Yeo Valley product. Our Sunday creamy chicken just wouldn’t be the same without it – thank you!

A. Ring
Healthy foodie, Nature lover

I never thought I would be buying this product every week, but I find it is so useful for so many things; delicious added to home made soup, white sauces and in making cakes where milk is needed.

Kath Wilmott
Baking fiend

I buy this product a lot. It has a lovely fresh creamy taste, without having a big fat content. Superb doll oped on puds. Or in cheese cakes and sponges.

Penny Atkinson
Healthy foodie, Keen cook, Nature lover, Outdoorsy sort

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